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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When nature measures-up to the magnificence of God (well, almost)

Have you ever found yourself in your “happy place” in nature? I am talking about the instant when your mind stops running, and your world stops spinning, just for a moment, just enough time to think, “it could not get any better than this,” or to even in the state of awe to stutter out the word, “wow.” For some, this place might be in a field with the smell of grass and flowers surrounding you. Staring at the painted sky over a canvas of deep blue, a sunset over the ocean. The view standing at the top of the cliff you just climbed, the sound of the rushing water below. The view of snow-capped mountains in the distance, captured by your camera with the perfect frame of tree branches. Opening your front door and stepping into the cool, crisp air, blinded by the color white, snow falling gently. In your “happy place” in nature, you may feel feelings of peace, calmness, comfort, beauty, power, strength, and complete wonder and awe.

Can you think of this place for you? How does it make you feel?

For me, my favorite place in nature is a path through the trees. When the trees stand tall overhead, and the sun peaks out of the gaps of their branches, beaming down on you as you pedal. You are on your bike, and you feel like you are flying, as you soar down the path, surrounded by the woods. The trees make you feel small with their giant stature, but also protected by the way they perfectly surround the path, one after the other, deeper and deeper into the woods.  In this sort of moment, I feel completely free.

I think in these moments, these breathtaking moments, is when we get the closest we will ever get on earth to the sight and feelings we will experience when we come to meet our higher power, our God, at the end of our life. Nature demonstrates God on earth, which makes perfect sense as it is He who created our favorite nature place. The feelings we muster up in these moments are the feelings God blessed us with, and these feelings are the same elements that make up His character, and therefore, how we should think of Him. He is gentle. He is peaceful.  He is powerful. He gives us strength. Because of Him, we are set free. He is the Lord Almighty. We are in wonder of His love and beauty.

Experiencing nature gives us a glimpse of the magnificence of God. Just think what we will experience when we meet our Master face to face, the One who created nature, who created us. Wow. 

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