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Monday, January 5, 2015

Seeing God through People

It’s funny how the people so close to you, the ones you have known your whole life, can seem so plain to you now. You know them so well that the things that they do are no longer a surprise. Yes you love them, yes you know they are special, but do you always appreciate them?

This past week, I took a step back and tried to appreciate these people in my life more. I noticed the little things that they do that make up part of who they are, part of how God created them. I thought about these things and I saw God, in them and through them. In the simplest things that they did, their common mannerisms, I saw God’s handiwork.

Below is a little bit of a description of each one of these people in my life. I love them and I appreciate them, and I would like to tell each one of them, thank you for being awesome.

My Top Three:

Caring and forgiving
A servant heart
Notices the small details that actually make a difference
Intelligent and opinionated
Quite cocky, but in a good way
Cracks jokes that will make you fall on the floor laughing
Thinks about others’ needs before his own
Great cook
Hard worker
Plays a mean air guitar
Goes above and beyond
Go with the flow attitude
Business man, and tree farmer on the side
Takes good care of his girls
Basically, a rock star at everything

Works hard and in control
Crazy, loud laugh
A little cat crazy
Smart with numbers
Not afraid to try something new
Beautiful, even if she doesn’t think so
Likes to stay busy
Caring and loving
Takes initiative
Did I say organized?
We are very similar, and that is a good thing

Very funny
Caring heart, for the young and the old
Works hard to please others and live up to expectations
All children simply adore her
Enjoys meeting the needs of others
A little cocky
Enjoys her rest
Pretty and petite
Relaxed attitude
A great friend
You can’t help but pay attention to her, and love every moment spent with her

This week, I challenge you to appreciate the people in your life that have been there since the beginning. I guarantee that you will see God’s handiwork in and through them.

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