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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where are you God?

Have you ever found yourself searching for God? Maybe you felt like the shepherd or the wise men on the night Jesus was born – searching for the Savior, trying to do whatever you can to get there as fast as possible.

Or maybe you feel “underdressed” to set yourself at the foot of our Lord. The angel appeared to the shepherds who were dressed in rags, and probably haven’t bathed in weeks (or maybe even longer than that), telling them to go find baby Jesus. Even though they were “underdressed” to make the trip, they still went. If the shepherds went to see the Savior of the world dressed in rags and torn clothing, why can’t you go to the Lord with your worries, your doubts, your prayers? There is no reason that you can’t.

Hard times may come your way, or times when you just feel unfit to accept God’s goodness. It is easy to look at all the bad in the situation. But here’s the truth…

God is here. God is now, even amongst all the evil and distress in our world today. He is with you, now and forever. Look at the good, and you will see Him.

As you reflect on the passing of one year and the coming of the next, look at what He has already done, and have faith that He will do more in this next year. Happy New Year everyone, and God bless. 

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