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Friday, January 9, 2015

Entry: Pray like a child
By: Sarah
Age: 18

Here is a picture of my old journal from when I was seven years old, it is funny how the verse on it is my favorite verse today, and the verse that inspired the title of this blog.

Reading through this old journal reminded me of the simplicity of life when I was a child, how my biggest worry was if my mom would let me have a sleepover with my neighbor friends. Oh how I sometimes wish I could go back to those days. Now, as I am sort of an adult, life is much different with more complex worries. But just because we are older doesnt mean that our prayers have to be any different than those that we used to pray as a young child.

One prayer that I wrote when I was seven said: I love you more then anybody else in the whole univers. I will try to do better for you. I promise. Amen. Despite the spelling mistakes and not knowing the difference between then and than, this is still a quite powerful and moving prayer. It was simple in its words, but deep in its meaning.

Just because you are an adult, doesnt mean you cant pray like a child. Simply telling God I love you more then anybody else in the whole univers can be the greatest prayer.

Lord, thank you for the chance to speak to you through prayer by expressing our most basic thoughts and using simple words. Thank you for being accessible to us. Thank you for always listening. We love you, Amen.

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