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Thursday, December 4, 2014

This is My Wish

Have you heard the song My Wish by Rascal Flatts? One of my favorites I would have to say, and I know my mom would say the same.  :)

In case you haven’t heard it before or need a reminder, below are the lyrics of the main chorus from a sign posted to my wall in my room. I also included the music video because it is good to listen to the entire song as well.

This song is often played at graduation or times when you are sending off someone to a new experience. It’s played during those “life milestone” moments. During these times, your hope is for their life to be as great as their wildest dreams, and you pray that they would not stumble and fall over worries and doubts. Simply, you want the very best for the person.

I always thought of the song exactly like this, but when I recently heard it, I didn’t imagine my parents or loved ones telling me the words. I didn’t imagine myself reciting the words to my little sister. But this time, I imagined God singing the song to me. And this made me realize some things.

It reminded me that God has a very special plan for my life, He has it all planned out. And His plans are more than I can ever imagine; they are better than anyone else could ever think up. His plans aren’t for us to be troubled and sad, but like our loved ones here on earth, He wants the very best for us.

He wants us to never give up, to dream big, and to not become torn down by worries.
He does not want us to carry all of our burdens, but to lay them at His feet.
He wants us to know that He is that one person that will always love us and be by our side the whole way.

This also made me think about how if God wants the very best for our life, He is going to make things happen that don’t quite make sense to us at the beginning. These could include troubles or hard times that come up that you just can’t seem to understand why they had to happen. However, God put them there, so there has to be a reason for them, right? I think so.

It is very reassuring to think that God wants the very best for my life, just like my loved ones do. If we believe and trust in Him, our life will play out according to His plan.  I hope you can find reassurance in that as well, that you can feel comfort knowing that God has a very special plan for your life that is beyond your wildest dreams.

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