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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Show HIM Off

It’s Thanksgiving Break! And for all you college students like me, this makes you jump for joy. You finally get a little bit of a break before finals week. As you go home to spend time with family and friends this Thanksgiving Break, don’t leave behind the “new you.” If you are like me, college has made a pretty big impact on you. Maybe you have become more responsible, more reliable or more confident. Bring these new traits with you when you go home. Show them off to your family and friends in the ways you interact and socialize with them.

Most importantly, don’t forget to show HIM off.

How have you grown in your relationship with Christ in college? What have you learned? Maybe you have learned to rely on Him more, the importance of reading your Bible and confessing your sins, or how to share your faith and testimony. Whatever it is (and it can be a number of things), let them shine. Give God all the glory for the new you. Demonstrate the fact that you have something inside of you that is worth sharing. You have accepted Jesus, and you want everyone to know about this gracious gift. Live as a follower of Christ even as you go home for break. Yes, the environment will be different, and it may be harder or even easier to remember God. Just remember that in whatever you do and wherever you go, bring Him with you.

Heavenly Father, as we go home for break, help us to be a light to others and to show you off in everything that we do. You are our strength and our hope. All the glory belongs to you. Amen.

This song Britt Nicole reminds us of that drive we should have to always “look like love” to others. Even when we are tired or scared or too busy, we need to remember our passion to “leave a legacy” and be a light for others.

Look Like Love – Britt Nicole

If I believe there’s a Savior.

Is the proof in me?

Is He alive and breathing?

Is He what they’ll remember?

Is He what they see?

When they look at me. 

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