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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Climbing an Unknown Summit

A few weeks ago, a good friend and I ventured on a little road trip. We got to explore a few different cities and go hiking in the beautiful Custer State Park in South Dakota. On our hike, we were trying to find a very specific destination, a destination that was off the normal hiking path. We had to travel on the less-taken path, push through bushes and brush, do some free climbing over large boulders, all the while not knowing where exactly we were going. Even after the challenging journey, we did not find what it was we wanted to find, but we still enjoyed the journey and the scenery. This post is based off of a few things I observed during this hike that I relate back to living as a follower of Jesus Christ.

First, I learned that the journey is much more difficult when you don’t know where you are going, when you have to go on the road less traveled. However, I believe this is what all of our life journeys are like. We may know our ultimate destination, but our path to getting there may be rocky and rough, as there isn’t one distinguished path that everyone follows. In my opinion, we are all called to take the road less traveled. This may look like chasing your passions instead of chasing the money, standing up for your faith even when it’s difficult, and listening to His calling instead of living by the rules and expectations of this world.

Often times, we may not even know what summit we are trying to climb. We work so hard and forget to look up, or get caught up by a stumbling block that blinds us, that we sometimes lose sight of the big picture, of the beautiful summit right before us. Or maybe we find ourselves climbing the wrong summit, the one leading us away from Him, and we have to slowly make our way back down to level ground to start over again.

Throughout different points of this hike, I was afraid of taking the next step. I was afraid I wasn’t strong enough to pull myself up to the next point. I was afraid of losing my balance and falling to the rocks below. When I reached these points, I had to take a few deep breathes, tell myself I could do it, and then do it without thinking about what could go wrong.

During those times when I was afraid to take the next step, I remembered how in life God is there leading us, so we don’t have to be afraid. As you can assume from my previous post, in my life right now, I am being constantly reminded that He is here with me, especially as I am taking next steps. He is here, running right beside me. Therefore, I can run the race He has set before me in total confidence that He is there with me every step of the way, knowing that the summit I am climbing ultimately leads to Him.

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