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Friday, May 22, 2015

Weight on my shoulders

There is a weight on my shoulders.
I am carrying burdens,
                              My own and others.

Sometimes it gets too heavy,
               Sometimes I break down,
                              Sometimes I need to let go.

But what if there was no more weight?
Shouldn’t there be none because I should give it all to God?

My life is not my own, I know that.
               Although, I don’t always act on it.

But if I am truly Christian,
               I want to care for others.
                                             I want to carry their burdens.
So having this weight makes sense.

As I grow in my faith,
               It seems the weight doesn’t go away,
                              But it keeps getting heavier.

But if I can handle it,
               With God’s strength if I can bear it,
                              Then is it so bad?

Would I really be living without weight?
                              Without burdens,
                                             Without sadness,
                                                            And without problems?

Somehow with this weight,
               I am happy.

Carrying this weight makes me feel like there is always something to improve,
               To overcome,
                              And to change.

If everything was perfect,
               Well that would be no fun at all.

As long as I can bear it,
               As long as I am ultimately relying on God and giving it to Him,
                              Carrying weight isn’t all that bad.

So I will keep living with weight for as long as I live,
               Because carrying weight means living. 

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