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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Walk on the Train Tracks

Have your sights set a little bit ahead, but not too far

Photography by Zach Sumners


We went exploring by the railroad tracks. Naturally, while Zach was taking some cool pictures, I walked on the rails. Not only did I learn that I have terrible balance (well I kinda already knew that), but I was thinking about how I want it to be summer and I want to be home with my family. But it’s not summer yet; I still have a lot to do before school ends. So where do I set my sights?

When you are walking on the train rails, it’s hard to just look straight down at where you are walking. Sure it may help you to stay balanced, but then you don’t know what is ahead of you. You may be staying on the rails, but you are completely unprepared for what’s next.

Let’s say you completely give into the urge to look up. With your eyes set straight ahead, you can see what is in the distance, but you are missing what is just one step ahead of you. You may not notice a curve in the rail, so your foot slips, and you fall.

How about just looking a little bit ahead? Just a few feet ahead so you can still see the steps right in front of you, but also a glimpse of what’s in the distance? I found this to work best for me as I was walking on the rails, trying to keep my balance. This way I was able to stay on the tracks, but still see the scenery ahead of me.

I need to focus on what is right in front of me, which is school. I will keep my sights set on that, but I will also give into the urge to lift my ahead just a little to see what is coming up, summer. Maybe in your life it is focusing on the job you are working at right now, but lifting your sights a little to see the opportunities for new employment in the future. Maybe you are waiting for a relative to visit in a few weeks, a sickness to pass, or focused on helping someone through a difficult situation. Whatever it is, set your sights a little bit ahead, but not too far. Do your best in whatever you are doing, and do your best to stay on the rails of the train tracks.

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