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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mini-challenges and Mini-accomplishments all brought to you by a HUGE GOD

Studying for a Stats test, your own sickness or a sickness in the family, an injury, a relationship problem, knowing a friend that is going through a rough time and all you can do is pray for them, feeling embarrassed by your outside appearance or even your own abilities, a sin that you just can’t get rid….

Although usually small challenges that fade away after putting some work in, these challenges can sometimes feel bigger than you can handle. Why this, why now, God?


Getting an A on a test, getting through a tough week, finishing a workout, learning something really cool at church or Bible study, someone telling you “I am proud of you”, applying for a scholarship, finally telling that one person what is on your mind, following God’s call to reach out to your classmate…

Although these accomplishments may seem big at the time, after a few days, you move on to working to accomplish the next task.

all brought to you by a HUGE God.

We all go through these mini-challenges and mini-accomplishments each week. But after they pass, do you ever ask, “Is there anything super bad that is going to happen to me? When can I do something super big? What’s next God?”

It is very unlikely that I will lose everything and have to bear the burden of something greater than a mini-challenge (but I am not underestimating what might happen). I am also not at that point in my life to drop everything to go and serve at an orphanage in Africa, something beyond the mini-accomplishments that I perform every day. But here’s the thing, God isn’t calling me to do that anyways, He wants me here, right where I am.

Wherever you are right now, God put you there. Whatever mini-challenge he has put in front of you, He wants you to fight it. Whatever mini-accomplishment He has blessed you with, He wants you to celebrate it. Although small, they are brought to you by a HUGE God, a God greater than anything we could ever experience on this earth.

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