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Saturday, December 20, 2014

God’s Delicate Creation
We are all works of art. We are His masterpieces.

Today I was at the art museum. I really like the art museum. As I walked around and stared at the art, it reminded me of something: God’s creation.

Each work of art is carefully and delicately made; some with gold inscriptions and some with finely detailed carvings. The marble sculptures, ceramics and paintings made me wonder: how could any human hand make such a beautiful piece of art?

This reminded me of how God created us – so carefully and with such precision. He made us all unique and perfect. And He did this for all of creation. You think trying to fathom how one human being can carve a woman’s face out of marble is hard…try and fathom the fact that God created us and all of creation with far more detail than an artist’s hand…it is simply impossible to completely comprehend. God is incomprehensible, but that’s the beauty and wonder of our great God.

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