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Thursday, February 25, 2016


The longer you stay in a place, the more you can discover about the place, the more you can uncover the details that make the place complete.

During my travels, I have realized that it is more memorable and more enjoyable at the moment to visit a site with the intention of actually seeing it and uncovering it, rather than visiting just to say you did or thinking about the next site you need to check off the list.

In my opinion, a relaxed way of traveling is not only more enjoyable, but it is also more beneficial because you can begin to learn more about the details of each site, whether that be the history, certain objects or pieces within the site, or even hidden parts or walking paths that you wouldn’t have found if you were just rushing from place to place.

Details are important, and we are often too rushed to notice them. We often don’t stay long enough in each place to uncover the details.

Discovering the details helps us to really enter into a place or circumstance. Entering in deeper, spending time with one another past the everyday conversations, is how we really bring out the best in our relationships. God created each and every one of us so carefully and intricately, and with so much detail that there will always be something new to discover about a person. By digging past the surface in our faith, we can uncover more about God and His character. The longer we can be patient and stay in a difficult situation instead of taking the first path out we can find, the better chance we have of finding a crack of light within the darkness.

Details are helpful and allow us to dig deeper, don’t forget to take time to notice them within every realm of your life.

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